Uplifting Content That Can Help You Change Your Perspective

"The American Dream" is the idea that anyone can be successful and make a nice life for themselves. It doesn't matter where someone is from — hard work and determination are all that is needed to make a dream a reality. If you draw inspiration from stories that relate to an individual's triumphs after being faced with adversity and virtually having nobody on their side, fill your summer reading list with some books about the American Dream and use the storylines to propel you forward with your own personal journey. Read More 

Fun Ways To Teach Toddlers About Healthy Eating Habits

Getting your kids to focus on healthy eating habits can be a challenge in a world where fast food and snack commercials are thrown at them daily on television. The secret is to make learning about nutrition fun and interesting rather than just telling them how to eat. Kids love to interact, and letting them be active participants in making wise food choices can be the start of a lifelong journey of healthy eating. Read More