Are You Teaching A Romance Writing Course? 3 Benefits Of Adding A Modern Romantic Fiction Book Discussion To Your Plans

One of the best ways to develop writing skills is to be an avid reader. As the teacher of a romance writing course, you want to encourage your students to read as many books as they can to learn about how other authors put together a book. Now that you are ready to start planning your course, you can consider these benefits of adding modern women's romantic fiction books into your lesson plans.

Stimulate Open Dialogue

An effective writing course should include a collaborative environment that encourages open discussions. Reading the same book together gives your students a common ground from which they can begin their talks. You can stimulate this type of dialogue by asking open-ended questions about the plot. Romantic fiction books are so intriguing that your students can begin to make predictions about where the story is going. You can also have your class suggest possible alternative endings to stimulate everyone's creativity. Exploring the books together can lead to greater insights.

Explore Different Subgenres

The world of romantic fiction encompasses several different subgenres that all have distinctive characteristics that aspiring writers need to know. For instance, modern women's romantic fiction books tend to have strong, independent female main characters. They may also include settings that are similar to real time, such as a romantic couple who work together in a software development office. Modern romance books can also include other subgenres such as inspirational fiction. This subgenre typically has religious themes throughout the book. Young adult romances are also a popular form of this type of book. Exposing your students to as many of these different subgenres as possible helps them find their niche.

Analyze Romance Writing Techniques

Romance writing is so much different from other forms of writing. For instance, romance tropes are themes that tend to come up over and over again. During your discussions, you can help your students notice certain tropes that they find in modern romance books such as love triangles, rags-to-riches stories and second-chance romances. Your group can also begin to break down the books to develop a greater understanding of the author's writing techniques. While a romance novel might seem light and fluffy, there is a great deal of thought put into the character arcs and inciting moments. Choosing books that are written by strong romance authors gives your students insight into more ways that they can hone their writing skills.