Teaching Your Kids At Home

How To Design Your Child’s Bedroom With Learning In Mind

Are you focused on building your child's brain? If so, you might be thinking about designing your child's bedroom in a way that he will be surrounded with things that will inspire learning. From selecting a school desk for his or her bedroom to selecting educational decorating items, here are some ideas that might help: The Furniture - It's a given that your child will need a place to sleep, so the first thing on your list will probably be the selection of a bed. Read More 

Are You A Math Teacher? Why You Should Start Teaching With Art

As a teacher, it's your job to convey certain concepts to your students in hopes that they will be able to grasp them.  Although this might be relatively easy to do with most subjects, math can sometimes be considered a totally different kind of beast.  Some students already have it made up in their minds that they are simply, "Not a math person."  As a math teacher, you have to fight through these erroneous beliefs and show your pupils that they can conquer the subject material. Read More 

5 Tips For Maximizing The Effectiveness Of Dictation

Dictation and copywork are two staples of a classical education that many families who practice homeschooling miss out on. Often times, this is because parents fail to recognize the many benefits of dictation and copywork or simply do not know how to effectively implement dictation practice into their child's routine. If you are following a classical curriculum with your child and want to get the most from your dictation exercises, you should make sure to follow these five tips. Read More